Fluid Applied Roofing & Traditional Roofing

Fluid Applied Roofing

Coatings eliminate landfill waste caused by expensive roof tear offs, and offer sustainable and renewable solutions for roof restoration. Ten years after the initial application, the coating can be refreshed for a fraction of the original cost, and offer another ten years of worry and water-free roof protection. Coatings also reflect heat in the form of solar radiation. Black roofing or metal roofing products can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees! With the application of the proper white reflective coating, as much as 90% of that heat is reflected back into the atmosphere, saving you money in air conditioning costs. Finally, coating systems offer significant tax advantages in the same year they are installed. Contact Baker Coatings today to find out more.

Silicone Roof Coatings

High Solids Silicone Coatings allows us to provide the best product in our industry. Using 95% solids gives us the confidence to ensure less product run off. Silicone Coatings are solvent free and contain low VOCs making it environmentally safe. Ponding water is no match thanks to formulas which make it impermeable. Our coatings will resist weather, UVs and time giving you the assurance that your investment is protected.

Aluminum Roof Coatings

A strong and durable metal that can be easily formed to fit your roof. Waterproof and highly reflective, it is an ideal and cost effective option for your roof.

Skylight Restoration & Replacement

With time, Skylights age and become brittle. The panels can be restored to elongate their life and bright striping added to aid in safety. Our clear silicone glaze coating will add extra years to the panel while keeping natural light to penetrate.


Walk pads are essential in providing safety on your roof. They give bright, clear and non-slip paths to get to and from during your equipment inspections, creating less liability and peace of mind.

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